Speaker Bios

Dr. Klaus Doppler is Management Consultant, Coach & Trainer for Change Management & Corporate Development in Profit & Non-Profit Organizations.

He is a psychologist and trainer for group dynamics and leadership, co-founder of the magazine ‘Organizational Development’ and author of numerous publications in relation to leadership and change.

Topic:           Power and micro-politics in business

Abstract of the workshop by Dr. Doppler:

Micro-politics stands for practicing politics on ones own behalf and beyond formal processes and structures.

This applies to contemporary companies & organisations in two ways:

  1. challenging new tasks
  2. personal qualification, profiling, career and self-marketing.

Officially, in most companies and organizations, opportunities equality exists for women and men in terms of roles, structures, and career development. However, men are in advantage as they are beter trained to be assertive.

Many leadership positions have been filled with men since eternal times; habitual male ‘profiling patterns’, because little boys were more likely to be trained and encouraged to be ambitious and powerful in comparison with girls. This at very early ages.

Dr. Doppler will help women with building-up micro-political competences to recognize and use their scope of action within their business career.