UK Chapter

UK Chapter Vision

Women in Exhibitions Network UK has been set up to fulfil the following vision: to empower women in the industry whilst helping to nurture the next generation of female leaders. 

We will achieve this through the following channels:

  • Industry networking opportunities with peers
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Sharing of knowledge, learnings and best practice
  • Round table discussions
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Career development

What are the member’s objectives?

For self: 

  • To grow their own professional network
  • To invest in their own personal development
  • To gather knowledge from industry peers
  • To feel inspired
  • To raise personal profiles within the exhibition industry through the network

For industry:

  • To share knowledge, learnings and best practice with industry peers
  • To become a role model for junior members of the industry
  • To promote the exhibition industry to a wider audience

Which problem do we solve and how?

Women are already well represented in the UK exhibition industry however, we have only recently witnessed the first generation of female leaders who have risen to the top. These women were pioneers who had to fight to get to the top in what was a very male-dominated space. Now that they have broken the glass ceiling we want to nurture and inspire the next generation of female leaders to be confident and brave, to stand up and be seen and ultimately to mentor and nurture them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Members

For whom do we generate a benefit?

  • For women working in the exhibitions industry at all levels of their organisations – this includes organisers, venues, suppliers and related media & associations.

Who should the founding members be?

  • An inspiring and diverse group of women from across the industry including organisers, suppliers and venues. The founding members should be senior women within their organisations. These currently include:
    • Soraya Gadelrab | Anna Golden | Emma Barrett | Jo Tyler | Christine Martin | Liz Agostini | Tamar Beck | Lori Hoinkes | Claire Washington-Smith | Zoe Lacey-Cooper | Rachel Gregory | Oana Cipca

Our Offer

  • Networking opportunities for any women in the industry
  • Specialised events focusing on the purpose stated above
  • Coaching and mentoring programmes
  • Content through newsletters, surveys and social media
  • Access to the membership directory
  • Access to other industry events benefitting women
  • Access to a fun network of likeminded people

Our Founding Members:

  • To actively promote the group and the groups events to your networks
  • To attend and participate in our quarterly steering sessions or to nominate a stand in in your absence
  • To help organise our calendar of events
  • To help leverage relationships to facilitate member events
  • To be willing to share knowledge at member events
  • To be willing to get involved with mentoring programmes
  • To help to secure sponsorship of events to keep them cost-neutral

Our Responsibilities

  • Co-Founder – Oana Cipca (Website)
  • Co-Founder – Soraya Gadelrab (Memberships)
  • Social Media – t.b.d.
  • Newsletter Content – t.b.d.
  • Events Manager (Social) – t.b.d.
  • Events Manager (Educational) – t.b.d.
  • Partnership Manager – t.b.d.
  • PR -t.b.d.

 Our Next Event: 

29 November 2019